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 Next Raid...

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PostSubject: Next Raid...   Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:10 pm

Im looking forward to the next raid which i think is Thursday. I think people were getting a little fed up towards end of this raid cycle due to the number of wipes and hardness of bosses, were still mostly all new to this raiding lark Smile

We can confidently down the first few bosses now and have a real good chance on the rest upto and including the chess event. So should be lots of fun.

On a negative note were still having problems with people leaving the raid early. I know it can get a bit boring and tiredsome some days but if you signed up to come then you have made a commitment. Make sure you have put aside 3 hours (at least) for the raid. Nine other people have took 3 hours out of there day to come raid and when you have to leave your wasting there time. As well as interupting the raid for around 20 minutes while we find and summon a replacment you may have weakened the planned party if we cant replace your exact class/spec. Mums calling you down for dinner, naked women walking around your flat and other mundane distractions should be dealt with before coming to raid. Insure the dog is fed, your kids are tied securely to something heavy and the 'Go Away' sign as been fixed to the front door.

At the moment were still pretty short on members so were not too fussy who comes along really. As soon as the number of raiding members goes up, people who have been on time for raids and not left early will be chosen to come instead of people who have not. Were not going to be hard on you tho for genuine excuses like medium to large house fires, alien invasion/abduction or dwarfs tunneling up through your floor.

Also check out the new Toyota advert HERE

See you all Thursday for epic shopping Smile
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Sec GM
Sec GM

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PostSubject: Re: Next Raid...   Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:40 am

HAHA, I like ur post, especial that with the kids, and acceptable reasons... LOL...

U are completely right... It is really annoying for the 9 ppl that has to wait for 1 that messes up things and delays it all or even get it cancelled. When u sign up for kara, u have to take it as serious as if u make an appointment in RL. COZ there are 9 real ppl waiting for u!

We are doing good on the first bosses, we are learning the rest... We probably have numerous wipes till we know them good enough, but when we do..... that's when we get paid back by getting easy epics all... BUT, first we need to get to know them, and we don't if we gonna end the raids before the boss coz someone have to leave early or don't show...

But most of all... LET'S HAVE FUN!!

OH no u don't! (*sound of stamping feets*) u don't get up HERE u dwarf *@$$........
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PostSubject: Re: Next Raid...   Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:57 am

I agree completely Doone.

And Panz/Rag - you are doing a great job leading us through Kara, we are progressing very nicely (omg there i go saying something nice again!!!!!).

But, (u know there had to be a but here lol) I do think YOU should be guiding and instructing people on here as raid leader so that people are clear about what they can and cant do - and remember rules apply to your friends also, not just the guild members. Me and you have to treat everyone equally.

And thanks for the help u have given us so far, we all appreciate it!!!!
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Raid leader
Raid leader

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PostSubject: Re: Next Raid...   Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:31 pm

Well we shuld make the rules soon:P
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PostSubject: Re: Next Raid...   Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:39 am

I think we should begin to raid earlier :/
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Class leader
Class leader

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PostSubject: Re: Next Raid...   Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:57 am

About raiding earlier isnt possible for hurl, She rushes home from work just to make the raid time we have. But when we start 2 raid groups we might have earlier if it is better for all people, It realy depends on the people when they can..

And to the message about getting done whit whiping, i dont think that will ever happen eaven the best can whipe. But we can become better at it and not whipe that ofte.

I will say that we did a realy good job yesterday, gott unlucky whit some fears that ran out of the room that was basicly the prob we had on morros. Maiden whent down sweet.
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PostSubject: Re: Next Raid...   

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Next Raid...
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