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 the wedding!

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PostSubject: the wedding!   Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:33 am

as all who are on the forums know, sefira en panzermi are gettin married TOMRROW!!!

ok so it's in the guild message of the day and all but for those who can't go online and are on the forums: its tomorrow: 18:00 game time in Stormwind azeroth.

sefira likes red and panzermi likes blue so get some color co÷rdinated wrapping paper and get them a gift! nothing too expensive ( well you may pay for it whatever you like).
it's the idea that counts Very Happy

'Alas, i might not make it tomorrow cuz i'm goin out shoppin for my birthday.

P.S.:don't let them know bout my plan for a grand present surprise! and the wrapping paper is found in the general goods shop in the trade district
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the wedding!
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