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 Attuman the huntsman

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PostSubject: Attuman the huntsman   Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:03 pm

Tips For A Smooth Transition At 95%

Have a hunter ready with Misdirection up who shoots Attumen instantly to your main tank.
Midnight's tank needs to be full health, Attumen sometimes hits this tank based off proxy aggro, and he can hit very hard.
Try not to cast until your main tank has aggro on Attumen.
Range him down to 95% so that no melee get initial aggro and die.
Keeping everyone up is crucial.

The Fight
At this point, your main tank should have Attumen off to the side, faced away from the raid. (Where the big red circle is) Once Attumen is pulled away from Midnight, have your melee move in and all DPS is focused on Midnight.

Roles At This Point In The Fight

Warriors - Tank, keep Demoralising Shout/Thunderclap up on both bosses. The Attumen tank should use Shield Block whenever possible and Disarm him (Disarm will drop Attumen's damage by about 60%).
Melee DPS - Kill Midnight.
Ranged DPS - Kill Midnight (If you have a mage, make sure they are decursing too).
Healers - Put one main healer on each tank, with a third floating between the two.
Utility - Decurse Attumen's debuff.

Keep DPS-ing Midnight down until he reaches 25%, then Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2
Once Midnight reaches 25%, Attumen will mount him. Again, be careful during this transition on aggro. Both your tanks should fight for aggro until one firmly has the boss aggroed to him.

Once mounted, Attumen will again be using his same abilities as listed before (he doesn't hit any harder). The only change in the fight from phase 1 to phase 2 is that he will now charge the closest ranged player to him for about 4000 damage. Once aggro is established by your main tank, position your off tank so that your healers and other ranged DPS are standing behind him so that only the off tank gets charged. You can also use any reasonably tough class for this role; such as a paladin or even a hunter.

Roles For Phase 2

Warriors - Whoever isn't tanking at this point should keep Thunderclap and Demoralising Shout on the boss, and remember: Disarm Disarm Disarm!!!!
Melee DPS - Kill, Kill, Kill! Stand directly behind him so you do not get cleaved.
Ranged DPS - Kill, Kill, Kill! Stand behind your "charge tank" at range so you don't get charged! (Mages still need to decurse)
Healers - All healing should be on the tank, with your floater from stage 1 watching out for the charge victims.

Continue until Attumen reaches 0% and Congratulations!
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Attuman the huntsman
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